Accelerated Through the Founder Institute

The Founder Institute (FI) program is a grueling fourteen-week endeavour. It can best be described as a refining process. In the program, Business Founders go through a “real world” approach to setting up a business in a structured manner. It guides Founders through an analysis of all critical pillars of their businesses. It also helps them to analyse factors which will impact their businesses at key points in their existence. These, and other analyses, help to equip Founders to confront a lot of the challenges they will face going forward.

FI compliments its internal faculty with a rich network of external mentors from various sectors of the economy. They come together to cast a critical eye on different aspects of Founders’ businesses to ensure their initiatives are well thought out. The critiques are tough but extremely rewarding. The program also provides a platform for collaboration amongst Founders working to create value in different sectors of the society. The opportunity to contribute to helping other Founders to improve their businesses is extremely fulfilling. It also helps to build relationships which will go well beyond the program.

Passion, economic circumstances and curiosity are some of the factors which drive Founders to start their businesses. Whatever the motivation(s), going through a program like FI significantly enhances the chances of success. Navigating the program all the way to the finish line helps to mold Founders into more rounded businesspeople.

Typically, 30% – 35% of companies which start the FI program end up completing it. Medhelp247 is proud to have successfully navigated through the FI program.